Art is by Immy Smith, who translated a couple of lines of text from my poem Poet & Fox (published in the Ways to Peace anthology, which marked the 2019 United Nations Day of Peace celebrations) into Morse code. She then transcribed the dots and dashes into a fox face shape as shown in her picture. You can find Immy here.

Poetry Online

Chiroptera & Save the Last Gasp for Me Pidgeonholes Journal Aug 2018

The Angel to the Seabird Sings hybrid poem-art Burning House Press Sept ‘18

Beached Lights published at The Island Review Dec 2018

The Midas Girl published The Interpreter’s House Jan 2019

Pondlife, Selcouth Station Oct 2019

Ebb Again the Wild and Found Poem at an Annual Arts Event in Yorkshire, Selcouth Station Oct 2019

Driftwood, Providence, 13th Chime, Out of This World, Casting a Love Spell, The Writer’s Cafe Dec 2019

Liquidity, Vessel Hypnopomp Dec 2019

My Great Aunt’s Snowglobe on the Knick Knack Shelf Reside Dec 2019

My mother is an aviary... Thimble Magazine Jan 2020

Violet Soup 580 Split April 2020

Prose online

Doublespeak for New Lovers Reflex Fiction https://www.reflexfiction.com/doublespeak-for-new-lovers-flash-fiction-by-sarah-wallis/

Swimming Lesson Ellipsis https://www.ellipsiszine.com/the-swimming-lesson-by-sarah-wallis/

The Scarecrow Child Ellipsis http://www.ellipsiszine.com/the-scarecrow-child-by-sarah-wallis/

Poetry in Print

  • Beautiful Shadow- published by Aesthetica March 2005
  • Buying a China Bowl – published in Writing Magazine April 2005.
  • Diva – published by Aesthetica December 2005.
  • The Patience of Travellers/ Sister/ Breathe Into Water/ The Peach House/ The Secret Life of Puppets –UEA Creative Writing Anthology Oct 2008.
  • Physio Decanto December 2008.
  • Traveller’s Prayer/ Punk Opera Falls/ Hopscotch published by Sarasvati Jan 2009.
  • Clavicle published by Decanto Aug 2009
  • Faraday Cage winner of London Literary Festival 2010 Haiku Competition.
  • Venutian Afternoon published by Orbis October 2010.
  • A New Alice published by Turbulence Magazine April 2011.
  • Amygdala published on the Dead Ink website Spring 2012.
  • On Birdsong St published by Dream Catcher June 2012.
  • Morning Sun & Bigfoot published by Valve Journal Spring 2013
  • The World Stands Still to Weep Magic Oxygen Literary Competition 2015
  • Match of the Day Poetry Rivals Anthology March 2017
  • Rescue published The Frogmore Papers Lido Lovers & Wild Swimmers May 2017
  • The Bellymen of Wakefield Town, The Yorkshire Poetry Anthology Aug 2017
  • What Love Feels Like to a Child Remembered Frogmore Papers Sept 2017
  • For the Swimmers publ MIND anthology Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Feb 2018
  • The World Stands Still to Weep Best British & Irish Poets Eyewear April 2018
  • Catching the Startle, Epithalamium, Sing Upon a Starfish at Peeking Cat Feb 2019
  • My Day in the Life of a Field Hare Yaffle Press Whirlagust Anthology Spring 2019
  • Poet & Fox & More Birdhouse Than Living Room Ways to Peace 2019 for United Nations Day of Peace

  • Medusa Retold – Fly on the Wall Press Dec 2020

Prose in Print

  • The Last Taxi of the Year –Bath Flash Anthology To Carry Her Home 2017
  • My Last Piece of Genius published Ellipsis Zine Oct 2017
  • Send Us Your Zebras published The A3 Review Oct 2018