recent publications

Flare Path, Full Mood Mag, May 2024

Poet Seabird Island interview, Speaking of Marvels, May 2024

The Vogelherd Horse, Propel Magazine, Apr 2024

poet seabird island, Boats Against The Current, Mar 2024

How To Sail A House Dirigible Balloon, Feb 2024

A Cat Called Penguin Dirigible Balloon, Dec 2023

We Are But Candy Striped Rock Cool Beans Lit, issue 2, Dec 2023 (link is to the issue)

Navigation Paperboats, Nov 2023

Paddling on the Shores of the Wild World Green Ink Poetry, Oct 2023

Live Edge RockPaperPoem, Aug 2023

Fuchsia the Illusionist Fevers of the Mind, May 2023

Old Eign Hill & Phoenix Fevers of the Mind, May 2023

Earthbound The Welkin Writing Prize: Category winner for Humourous Prose, April 2023

Cauliflower Dreamin', Osmosis, March 2023

Iona in Lacrimis, Limited Edition Hagstone Beach, Gutter, Feb 2023 (print only)

I build a small boat Eat the Storms, Spring 2023 (print only)

The Lotus Cup Dreams of Paris, Black Bough "Tutankhamun Centenary Edition", Spring 2023 (print only)

Telesthesia, Starboard Under Canvas , Boats Against The Current, Nov 2022 (print only)

Haibun for a Mermaid’s Shoes, Chessboard, Fragmented Voices Anthology Winter 2022 (print only)

Mermaid, The Dirigible Balloon anthology "Chasing Clouds", winter 2022 (print only)

Dark Was the Night Abridged, for The Violet Hour, celebrating The Wasteland Centenary by TS Eliot - Dec 2022

Winter Postcard The Fairy Piece, Dec 2022 -

Queen Bee The Dirigible Balloon, October 2022

The Whale That Wheesht Hemselft Away - print only, order on that page. Seaborne Magazine, May '22

Grandfather Salamander Resists Eviction Fly on the Wall Press, Summer ’22 Under the Sea Magazine (ebook available on that link)

Sea Shanty & Rainbow Mountain The Dirigible Balloon Anniversary August Flight, August ‘22 - both with audio recordings

Orpheus as a WolfThe Shore, Autumn 2022

Cusp - print only, order on that page. Poetry Bus Journal, Autumn 2022

Hythe - print only, order on that page. Seaside Gothic, October 22

Another Day at the Beach Mono Fiction, Mar 2022

My Psycho Ex Was An Angel (print only, order on that page), Spellbinder, Mar 2022 - review on Spellbinder's website.

Mr Freezer (short story) Oranges Journal, Mar 2022

Promisings, Falling to Stand Up & Modern Ghosts Punk Noir Magazine, Feb 2022

Flashmob with Goldfinch & Brass Interstellar Lit, Feb 2022

The White Onyx Elephant & Mermaid (inc audio!) The Dirigible Balloon, Jan 2022

Towards the Drowned World & The Grief Stone Boats Against the Current, Jan 2022

Above the Curdled World a Giant Green Breathing Crow & Cross Keys, Jan 2022

Our Lady of the Tigers Twists Her Strands of Gold Green Ink Poetry, "Patronage", Jan 2022

What the Islander Child Knows Wild Roof Journal 12, Jan 2022

Puffpower, Unreason & Mushroom Plot The Red Lemon Review, Nov 2021

Haibun for a Missing Tree Punk Noir, Nov 2021

I Spy the Fisher King Madrigal issue 3, Oct 2021

My Lady is a Carnival Butterfly One Day Late in July Ink Sounds Journal 3, Oct 2021 (review at 5:50 at Full House Lit Mag podcast(audio))

Birdgirl The Birdseed, Sept 2021: nominated for a Best of the Net Microfiction Dec 2021

Fishhook Ample Remains, Sept 2021

Folktale of the Seashore Castle (PDF) Inkdrinkers p35, September 2021

Quietus Makes An Eerie, Dancing Girl Press, August 2021 (Available to purchase soon)

A Kingdom for His Teddy Bear Spectra Poets, July 2021

Psalmodie Wine Cellar Press, July 2021

Out Amongst the Plunge Divers Wild Roof Journal, July 2021

My Athena Ink Drinkers, June 2021 (pdf)

Four Gold Hats Fairy Piece Mag, June 2021

Quietus Makes an Eerie Dancing Girl Press, June 2021

My Sister the Mermaid Bier Bua, June 2021

The Persephone Room Coffin Bell, May 2021

The City & The Sea One Art, May 2021

The Breath Not Taken The Madrigal, May 2021

Quietus Makes an Eerie The Madrigal, May 2021

How The Pearl Became Feline Utopia Anthology, April 2021

Moonlighting Hencroft Hub Journal, April 2021

The Bluest Blue (pdf) The Mark Literary Review, April 2021

Edgelands (pdf) The Mark Literary Review, April 2021

After the Class Fragmented Voices Feb 2021

Remembrance of Slow Wounds True Chili Jan 2021

Greenwich Horse Egg Literary Jan 2021

Winter's Fever Dream Horse Egg Literary Jan 2021

The Lichen Stone Abridged; Nyx issue Dec 2020

Portal (and choose the Mushroom) Poet's Directory 192 Dec 2020

Rainbows Take the Hat of Evening, The Glassblowers Hypnopomp Dec 2020

Just Another Panic Attack Cinderella Trampset Nov 2020